ZBrush 2024 New Features!

ZBrush 2024 New Features!
Check out the ZBrush 2024 Special Presentation here: https://bit.ly/40L1L87

ZBrushCentral post for more information on features: https://bit.ly/46jEJq8

View the Maxon Store: https://bit.ly/3MJK03d

ZBrush 2024 Substantial New Features and Workflow Improvements: https://bit.ly/3MLYeAE

Enhance your ZBrush experience with these additions:

Repeat to Similar Feature
Save time by making a change to one mesh, then automatically applying that change to all other meshes with similar topology! The following will be able to be applied across meshes:

Sculpting changes.
Ability to replace each mesh with a different mesh.
PolyGroup changes.
Polypaint changes.
New Stroke Type: DragStamp
This new stroke option will allow you to adjust the intensity of the stroke in real-time by moving the cursor left/right and up/down.

More Noise!
Cinema 4D noises have been added to ZBrush Surface Noise. This includes 25 new noises for you to use when adding that extra touch of detail to a surface. Some of the noises include Sema, Electric, Zada, Luka, Dents, and Displacement.

Anchors Away!
The Anchor brush has been updated with a major quality of life change: You no longer need to mask the model in order to use the Anchor brush in posing or shaping your creations. Focal Shift slider will now control the direction the anchor points can affect the mesh.

Insert Mesh Brush Enhancement
The Insert Mesh brushes can now use any Stroke type: Dots, DragRect, ColorSpray, Spray and DragDot.

Slice it Up!
The Knife brush has been updated to allow a mesh to be split into pieces. This gives you the freedom to turn one mesh into a complex design.

Have a Ball with Masking
Masking has been given another set of options. Grow All and Shrink All masking have been added. These allow for parts with partial masking to either grow to a full mask on the mesh or shrink to no mask.

Crease Unmasked and Uncrease Unmasked options make it easy to crease or uncrease surfaces simply based on the unmasked areas of the model.

Gizmo3D/Transpose Masking
This masking has been updated to allow for a smoother transition. It is now also possible to snap the Gizmo3D or Transpose line to the center of the mask.

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