ZBrushCentral Image Breakdown: Giorgio Palombi – “Cthulhu Child”

ZBrushCentral Image Breakdown: Giorgio Palombi – “Cthulhu Child”

ZBC Image Breakdown is a new series featured on ZBrushLIVE that focuses on the best artwork posted by the top artists that create them. Each stream, with host Paul Gaboury or Ian Robinson, will take a deep dive into a chosen ZBC image, break it down, and show you how it was made in ZBrush! Tune in to see never before seen artists, new workflows, and a chance to ask questions about your favorite ZBrushCentral posts!

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0:00 – Loading Screen
15:15 – Start
17:15 – Giorgio Palombi Introduction
20:45 – Professional work lead up to “Cthulhu Child” – Toy Production
26:45 – ZBrushCentral Image Breakdown: Giorgio Palombi – “Cthulhu Child”
28:00 – H.P. Lovecraft Credit
31:00 – Reference Images, AI Created Images, 2D Sketches & Digital Paintover
41:45 – 3ds Max Animation & Posing
43:15 – ZBrush Base Mesh Creation
44:15 – ZBrush Silhouette & Form Manipulation
47:15 – Merged Model & Clay Polish Base Mesh Technique
51:30 – DynaMesh & Clay Polish Sculpting Technique
55:30 – Sculpting in ZBrush & Surface Noise
58:15 – Final “Cthulhu Child” Model
59:00 – Pablo Munoz Gomez Custom Brush – https://www.zbrushguides.com/resources
1:01:00 – ZBrush UVs
1:06:15 – 3D Color Printing & ZBrush 3D Print Hub
1:10:00 – VR Model Assessment
1:12:00 – Masking & Brush Techniques in Action
1:18:45 – Alpha Creation & Skin Sculpting
1:22:45 – PolyPainting Techniques
1:24:45 – Setting Model Up For 3D Printing
1:28:45 – KeyShot Rendering
1:34:50 – Closing Statement – Thank You For Watching!
1:36:42 – End of Stream

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