ZBrushLIVE Industry Spotlight: Brodie Perkins Featuring NECA With Insights on Toys & Collectibles

ZBrushLIVE Industry Spotlight: Brodie Perkins Featuring NECA With Insights on Toys & Collectibles – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Chrome Dome, DC Batman Aquaman, Star Wars The Mandalorian, G.I. Joe, Godzilla, and more!

Film & TV, VFX, Video Games, The Medical Field, Jewelry, Advertising, Toys & Collectibles, Illustration, Design, the list goes on and on and among the vast 3D industry, ZBrush has a part in all of them! Ever wonder how that new realistic video character was created? How a prop or costume was made in that trending streaming series? What about that collectible statue you just opened and the pieces fit together seamlessly? These questions and more will be answered when we shine light on our host as he sits down with top professional artists as they demonstrate their personal workflows they use in real industry demonstrated scenarios.

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0:00 – Intro
10:05 – Brodie Perkins Introduction
13:00 – Chrome Dome TMNT Figure
31:30 – The Flash Action Figure
35:00 – How to create Articulation for Toys in ZBrush
36:50 – The Ball Joint for Toys in ZBrush
40:26 – Placing a Articulated Joint in a Toy
1:01:30 – Cleaning up your Articulated Joints in ZBrush
1:11:20 – Rex 1 TMNT Figure
1:15:40 – Select and Move Multiple Meshes with the Gizmo
1:27:18 – Buck Beak HP Figure
1:30:20 – GI Joe Ninja Collectible
1:33:20 – Human Splinter TMNT
1:40:40 – Final Questions
1:49:30 – Outro Ending

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