Creature Sculpting & Exploration of Forms – Brett Briley “Spark” – Episode 3

For this demo, I again started with the scanned head from episode 1. Finding forms from within the character in a different direction to create and adapt a new creature. After creating the character, I went into Polypaint to continue adding to his story and forms. Then showed how to quickly pose to add more life into your creations.

Brett "Spark" Briley

Freelance Character Artist at &

Creature Sculpting & Exploration of Forms More Scheduled Streams Coming Soon! Segment Summary: "I will be sculpting on created creatures and developing new forms and flow with silhouette in mind." Location: The Colony, Texas Hometown: Okemos, Michigan How Did You Discover ZBrush? "Watched Paul Gaboury do a demo back in 2005 and have been a fan of the program and Paul ever since!" Professional Experience: 30 years Most Used/Favorite Feature: "To hard to list just one, I would say all of them." Previous Works, Industry Experience & Highlights: "I have almost 20 years within the gaming industry, after coming from the traditional world of Disney. I have also partnered with James Cain and Maarten Verhoeven to create Grim (, bringing our art to the collectibles market."