Tutorial – Knife Prop Creation

This tutorial will cover the creation of bladed weapons like the knives pictured here, using various ZBrush features such as ZModeler, the Gizmo 3D, Live Boolean, DynaMesh and Surface [...]

Fukui Nobuaki – ZBrushCore 超入門講座 出張LIVE – Episode 3 (In Japanese)

ZBrushCoreCLUBの管理者であり、丁寧な解説で好評な書籍「ZBrushCore超入門講座」の著者の福井様が、ZBrushCore内でのライティングの調整方法や概念を解説し、Keyshotの使い方も説明いたします。 Nobuaki Fukui is the owner of the website “ZBrushCoreCLUB” and the author of the book, “ZBrushCore beginner’s tutorial”. He will show [...]